According to article 3 of the Royal Edict as law N° 1-93-51 of 22 Rabia I 1414 (10 september 1993), the urban agency is responsible for :

  1. Conducting the necessary studies for the preparation of the urban master plan and monitoring all its guidelines ;
  2. Programming the development projects which are associated with the objectives of the master plan ;
  3. Preparing the regulatory urban planning plans such as the land using plans, the zoning plans and the development plans ;
  4. Giving a conform visa within one month or less, which justify that any project of construction or of real state comply with urban planning regulation ;
  5. Controlling illegal, unauthorized and unlawful projects of house and real state during and after construction ;
  6. Providing technical assistance to local governments in urban planning development and to the public and private operators requesting it , it acts as a public cabinet of urban studies ;
  7. Collecting and disseminating all informations related to the urban development ;
  8. Promoting and realizing the urban rehabilitation operations,the building renovation and the restructuring of urban districts that lack basic facilities, with acquisition of properties and conduct of studies necessary for this kind of operations ;
  9. Carrying out the development projects of particular sectors and performingall public works for government or for local authorities and generally for any private or public entity.
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